Virtual Meetings Go the Distance

| February 18, 2009

Get on (Tumor) Board

Short article in Advance for Health Information Professionals about tumor boards with a piece on virtual meetings. 

I gather most of you have hosted or participated in web-based seminars, conferences, calls, etc…

The deliverables are easy to prove with this.  What might normally require exchanging files or sharing content can now be done seamlessly and at very low cost.  Recently purchased software that allows multiple "hosts" as well as contacts or recipients a shared desktop and call-in number (or VoIP) function for a very low price to use with research projects.  What normally may have taken several e-mail exchanges and & telephone calls can now be handled often times in a matter of hours with shared content and real-time participation.

I gather the same is going to hold true for clinical purposes and tumor boards (multi-disciplinary management conferences) are going to be more virtual with greater shared expertise at one time in "one place". 

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