| March 16, 2009

Great site I came across for dermatopathology at  While the snapshots of the cases are static right now, I presume whole slide ones are not far behind.  Another Pathology 2.0 application.

From their website:

Mission and Objective

The mission of Dermpedia is to collect and disseminate the knowledge, science and experience of dermatology and dermatopathology, fields of medicine concerned with diagnosing and treating diseases of the skin.

The basic premise of the Dermpedia project is that by providing a platform for sharing information and cases, we can advance our field by organizing the vast universe of knowledge acquired by dermatologists and dermatopathologists practicing in different parts of the world.

Dermpedia is also designed to serve as an on line community for practicing physicians, medical students and trainees. Dermpedia Textbook is a wiki, a free user-editable encyclopedia of dermatology and dermatopathology, open to the entire community of dermatopathologists, dermatologists and general pathologists interested in skin diseases. This unique medium allows association of cases with textbook entities, offering previously unachievable depth of illustration of disease entities.

Dermpedia is also a Case blog, which allows the users to share interesting cases. Dermpedia provides a platform for Institutions and professional organizations to run clinicopathological conferences, grand rounds, courses and seminars. It allows worldwide audience to learn and pariticipate in these events.

Users of Dermpedia are encouraged to collaborate on research projects. The website provides a forum for collecting series of cases and sharing insights.


Dermpedia was founded and is currently owned by Dr. Artur Zembowicz, M.D., Ph.D., a Boston-based consultant in dermatopathology (, Associate Professor of Pathology at Tufts Medical School and Staff Dermatopathologist at Lahey Clinic, Burlington, MA .

The site was designed with the help of and is maintained by Brian Lee and Kent Parker (Passing Phase Web Development).

We are committed to ensuring that Dermpedia data is kept secure, that personal data is kept private, and that any information collected from Dermpedia is utilized with the objective of either improving Dermpedia functionality or the advancement of knowledge in the area of dermatology, dermatopathology and pathology.

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  1. Ole Eichhorn says:

    (Ole Eichhorn from Aperio) – I like Dermpedia a lot and have offered to the webmasters that Aperio would be happy to scan and host digital slides for them. Since our WebScope viewer can easily be embedded in website (as seen right here!) this should make it pretty easy for them to add whole slide images. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks for the note!