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| April 1, 2009
nursebiz: I really need to look into starting up a telemedicine nurse business
2009-03-27 · Reply
jmoynihan: I know it's no episode of "24" but for any one interested, here is the link to the Telemedicine webinar I was part of;
2009-03-27 · Reply
ICMCCupdate: The Hawaii Health 2.0 Chapter meeting #health20 #telemedicine #healthcareit 2009-03-27 · Reply
mzjones11: @KHASTV Using the typical "telemedicine solution", NE just received funding to connect TWO sites. Long way to go. 2009-03-26 · Reply
tttsRN: Sucessful telemedicine link to AR TTTS mom can stay till next week 2009-03-26 · Reply
jmoynihan: Just added myself to the twitter directory under: #healthcare #telemedicine #technology 2009-03-26 · Reply
luisluque: probably in may to the 1st telemedicine workshop in the Arctic Glaciar Ocean. Snow mobile with a rifle, just in case polar bears r hungry 2009-03-26 · Reply
maikolo: Jay Sanders – "father" of telemedicine – cell phones will be the most important tool in telemedicine 2009-03-26 · Reply
occamnetworks: Vela – Potential benefits are life reform, telemedicine #OccamWebinar 2009-03-26 · Reply
InterCall: Telemedicine helps parents who struggle to balance work and family life. 2009-03-26 · Reply
Pudliszek: med@t el interesting health 2.0 event in Luxemburg (THE INTERNATIONAL eHEALTH,TELEMEDICINE AND HEALTH ICT FORUM) 2009-03-25 · Reply
HumTechNet: Newness: Answering the Call for HELP ? An Interview with Telemedicine Expert and Humanitarian Randy Roberson (http://humanitariantechnet … 2009-03-25 · Reply
repyke: Telemedicine Consultation and Monitoring for Pediatric Liver Transplant 2009-03-25 · Reply
biodunolusesi: Just received invitation to a high level Telemedicine get-together, billed for early April. 2009-03-25 · Reply
teladoc_pat: @mzjones11 has been doing telemedicine for 5 years. I'm a developer here, any questions? 2009-03-25 · Reply

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