Interpath – Pathology on the iPhone

| April 2, 2009

If you haven't seen this yet – Aperio blog has story on "Interpath – Pathology on the iPhone"


Interpath for iPhone from IMI on Vimeo.

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  1. Interesting timing…
    I just posted about this yesterday. I still remain skeptical of whether or not there is a real niche for this. I think I harshed on it a little too much in my blog post, but in all reality, it’s niche would be for a quick consult to someone in your department: “hey, do you think this is at the margin or not?” or it might enable the attending to stay home if the resident goes in overnight for a simple frozen (although, you’d probably video stream a frozen and not use WSI), but I can see that happening. Nobody, however, will be taking very difficult or simple consults over the phone because it is too dangerous or unnecesary, respectively. So, it could have its niche, but to me, it’s more of a cool factor than a practical work aid. Even Aperio played if off a little, “We didn’t plan to have an iPhone viewer, but Room 4 saw a need and filled it, and we all benefit”. hehe. cool proof of concept, though! just my humble opinion :)