Recent paper on legal aspects of teleconsultation

| May 7, 2009

One of our recent GI/liver pathology fellows completed a manuscript that addresses the key points of the legal and regulatory environment involving teleconsultation in pathology.  The paper will appear in an upcoming issue of Human Pathology

A pdf of the corrected proof can be downloaded here.

Download leungkaplan_humanpathology_medicolegalaspectsoftelepathology.pdf (109.1K)


A pathologist may practice telepathology in another room from the original slide using the hospital intranet, he/she may practice it if a CD-ROM is reviewed with a “virtual histologic image” or digital slide. As pathology becomes increasingly subspecialized, and pathologists are progressively more engaged in practices situations where they may not be in a centralized laboratory location, use of telepathology technology may be increasingly common. We touch on select medicolegal and reimbursement issues in the practice of telepathology. Primary and secondary legal sources are reviewed, as well as primary medical references. Telepathology is an evolving area of telemedicine. Guidelines for primary opinion telepathology should be driven from best practices in conventional laboratory procedures and can enhance the practice of pathology. However, it should be undertaken with the understanding that the legal and regulatory environment involving such practices is evolving as well.

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