Canvas of Hope

| May 29, 2009

The Canvas of Hope is a collection of works of art created from microscopic images of breast cancer at Touro University.  The project came about when a group of students, studying second year pathology were examining cancer on a cellular level under microscopes.

“What we saw was something akin to abstract  art. From there we decided to relay this to the public in such a way that we could educate, alleviate fears, and raise money for further research by way of an art gallery. This gallery contains canvases of breast cancer microscopy from anonymous slides that our pathology department owns. We think this will carry more meaning and understanding than buying a ribbon or silicone bracelet could ever convey.” writes the group.

Have a look at the gallery website. They have some fascinating images for you to view.

“This illustrates the balance our bodies aim to exert over cancer at all times. Cells have genetic and physiologic ways of removing cancer cells and promoting healthy ones. When this balance is upset, pathology occurs. The purple side is infiltrating ductal carcinoma. The light side is normal breast tissue.”

Visit to view more images

"Balance" Digital Pathology Print by Robert S. Kelley

"Balance" Digital Pathology. Print by Robert S. Kelley

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