The impact of digital imaging in the field of cytopathology

| May 31, 2009

Interesting paper by Dr. Liron Pantanowitz and colleagues at Baystate Medical Center, Tufts University School of Medicine.

Abstract: With the introduction of digital imaging, pathology is undergoing a digital transformation. In the field of cytology, digital images are being used for telecytology, automated screening of Pap test slides, training and education (e.g. online digital atlases), and proficiency testing. To date, there has been no systematic review on the impact of digital imaging on the practice of cytopathology. This article critically addresses the emerging role of computer-assisted screening and the application of digital imaging to the field of cytology, including telecytology, virtual microscopy, and the impact of online cytology resources. The role of novel diagnostic techniques like image cytometry is also reviewed.

Keywords: Cytology, cytometry, digital, image, informatics, Pap test, proficiency testing, screening, telecytology, virtual image

Pantanowitz L, Hornish M, Goulart RA. The impact of digital imaging in the field of cytopathology. CytoJournal 2009;6:6

Download CytoJournal616-8045693_222056.pdf (468.5K)

Category: Digital Pathology News, Publications

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