Visuvi Announces Visual Search Solution at JavaOne Conference

| June 8, 2009

Visuvi Visual Search for Medical Images uses Java and Java FX to enable better patient care and improve diagnostic analyses.

Visuvi Inc., a leader in visual search solutions, announces a Java-based visual search solution that integrates a JavaFX(TM) front-end with PathXchange(TM), a Web 2.0 pathology portal. Visuvi's Java application allows medical professionals to search medical images and cases in leading databases from any browser. The ability to compare pathology images accelerates the review process, provides decision support in critical cases and enables the collaboration of professionals across language and terminology barriers.

"Prostate biopsies can be inconclusive – the ability to compare cases can significantly improve the decision process," said Dr. Robert Monroe, pathologist and chief medical officer of BioImagene Inc. "Visuvi's visual search is a significant element both for quantitative and qualitative analysis in cancer diagnosis."

Visuvi uses Java as a development platform and developed a JavaFX solution as a front-end to integrate visual search into PathXchange and other image databases in a simple and effective way, offering developers the opportunity to create new solutions based on the Visuvi API.

"Developing technology solutions which make a difference is a core mission of Visuvi," said Christopher Boone, president and CEO of Visuvi. "Imaging is at the core of medical research and clinical diagnoses. Visuvi's medical image search will become a major contributor in enabling better patient care, improving diagnostic analyses and reducing healthcare costs."

Visuvi's visual search solutions leverages Sun technologies to deliver the quantitative information required to improve concordance in medical diagnoses. "We are excited to see how Visuvi, a startup in a very complex domain, uses leading Sun software technologies including Java and Open Storage, as well as Sun hardware to run their large database and search solutions," said Juan Carlos Soto, vice president of marketing, Cloud Computing, Sun. "We value the opportunity to be part of something that directly impacts the lives of so many people and helps advance medical technology."

Visuvi presented visual search in digital pathology at the JavaOne Conference on Friday, June 5, 2009, in the General Session hosted by James Gosling. See the presentation at starting at minute 19:20.

About Visuvi

Visuvi Inc., a privately held company based in Redwood City, Calif., maintains an index of images on the Internet and develops targeted visual search engine solutions for a wide range of vertical applications in medicine, e-commerce and general purpose visual search. For more Information about Visuvi visit ''.

About the JavaOne Conference

Located at the Moscone Center in San Francisco from June 2-5, the JavaOne Conference is the definitive venue to highlight the latest implementations, innovations and success stories in Java technology, scripting languages, Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) and more. Attendees can get hands-on experience, network with their peers, and have the opportunity to connect with technology experts and industry leaders. For more information about the JavaOne conference, visit or check out the JavaOne Facebook fan page at

About PathXchange

PathXchange ('') is a vendor-neutral, not-for-profit Web site for the global pathology community, promoting digital pathology. PathXchange brings the field of pathology into the digital age with Web 2.0 features designed to promote exchange of pathological cases, ideas, knowledge, information, products, and services. PathXchange is sponsored by BioImagene, a leader in providing innovative digital pathology solutions for clinical diagnostics and drug discovery.

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