Cancer misdiagnosis leads to breast removed, doctor sued

| June 16, 2009

Perhaps another case making the case for need for second opinions in pathology either internal or external prior to major surgical procedures or medical therapy. 

Have seen this story on a number of sites and with 2.0 technologies others are going to add their opinions such as here.

The stories are short on details as suit just filed but emphasizes importance of pathology and need for public to understand what pathologists do and for us in pathology to realize our patients expect no less than 100% from us if in fact there was an error made here.  Some may act without questioning the diagnosis or obtaining other opinions prior to initiating therapy.

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  1. A second opinion before operation will be the solution. Doctors are doing that already in several countries with the Medical Network Communication Platform “Campus Medicus”. Why not using it in the US also? Patients should claim a second opinion.