July 9-10 GTCBio Rediscovering Biomarkers, San Diego

| June 28, 2009

Courtesy of Definiens: 



Definiens Cordially Invites You to:
July 9-10, San Diego
Definiens will be demonstrating the Definiens XD image analysis platform for image analysis
of cells, tissues, and non-invasive images.
Additionally, Peter Duncan, Director of Marketing and Business Development, Definiens,
will be presenting:
Standardizing Image Analysis of Biomarkers Across the Biomedical Continuum
The talk will highlight a “game changing” image analysis software platform, Definiens XD.
Definiens XD facilitates image analysis of complex images, from any source, in any
dimension; allowing for the first time, a standardized platform for image analysis of
biomarkers across the biomedical continuum.
Topics covered include:
• Image analysis of cell-based assays
• Image analysis of biomarkers in heterogeneous tumor tissue
• Image analysis in non-invasive imaging
If you are interested in attending, please contact us and we will provide a $500 voucher
towards the conference registration.
See you at the conference!
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