VS110 Virtual Microscopy System from Olympus

| August 19, 2009

A hybrid microscope-based virtual microscopy system:

The VS110 system from Olympus brings microscopy and imaging closer together. The result is an advanced and extremely versatile 'virtual' slide, which is a high-resolution image of the whole specimen. This can be viewed from the overview image at low magnification up to maximum magnification via seamless zoom. Another addition to this premium-level system is the possibility of acquiring the entire specimen in different focal planes, so that one can focus through the sample virtually at a later time to obtain depth information on the sample. Stored electronically on a central server, samples can be viewed around the world instantly and simultaneously – the future of imaging is here.

I have not seen this in use yet but look forward to the images, particularly those at 40x, the Z-plane scanning and application for region of interest scan mentioned in the product information.


Category: Vendor products, Whole slide

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