61 Gigapixel Image from Biomedical Photometrics

| August 20, 2009

Check out these images from Biomedical Photometrics, Inc..  The breast image is 61 gigapixels.  You can view up to 20x:


I was also impressed by their fluorescence images such as this one:


And cytology representation:


From their website:

Now you can scan a very wide area at very high resolution.

At Biomedical Photometrics, we’re ushering in a new era in confocal microscopy that enables panoramic fluorescence and brightfield imaging of tissues and cells for basic research and clinical drug development.

By harnessing the imaging power of telecentric laser scan lenses in place of conventional microscope objectives, our automated laser scanning imaging systems provide an imaging area more than 100 times that of a standard microscope, with the same resolution.

The result: Large-specimen, high-resolution imaging that dramatically improves measurement of protein and gene expression and rapidly delivers advanced information about the molecular biology of diseased tissue.

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