Program announced for Medicine 2.0 meeting in Toronto

| September 2, 2009

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Some of the Highlights:

    * Keynote from E-patient Dave -"Gimme my damn data" – on patient access
to their records and Medicine 2.0 from a participatory patient perspective

    * Panels and talks on Biosurveillance 2.0, Twitter and Facebook, in the
context of the H1N1 (swine flu) pandemic

    * Panel on Ethics 2.0, with interactive audience response system,
audience response data to be used by the World Health Organization to help
setting policies

    * JMIR Medicine 2.0® Award recipient Jeana Frost from PatientsLikeMe
presenting a closing keynote on how to harness the collective wisdom of
patient communities for pharmaceutical research

    * Pat Rich from the Canadian Medical Association following up from last
years' talk on creating a national social network for doctors – experiences
1 year later

    * Christophe Laurent on Twitter use in the Emergency Room

    * Carlos Rizo on how to use Twitter to collect and aggregate ideas on
health system improvement

    * Mark Scrimshire on HealthCamps – a grass-root movement with
face-to-face workshops on how to rebuild health care on a participatory
model using social media, open standards, open source and the best that the
web and mobile internet technologies can offer

    * The incredible Jen S McCabe leading a panel on how "Young,
Interconnected, Innovators Examine Strategies for Multi-Generational Success
in the Era of Social Media"

    * Blogger John Sharp on Hospital Adoption of Medicine 2.0

    * Panel by Gary Schwitzer and his publishing/journalism colleagues on
the quality of online health news reporting

    * Presentations from business leaders from Deloitte, HSAGlobal, MEDgle,
Evolution Health

    * Panels and talks on innovative uses of Twitter, Facebook, and other
social media in the health context

    * Panels and talks on web-based behaviour change

    * Panels and talks on virtual communities

    * Unconference session with open microphone for anybody, for last
minute presentations and informal self-organizing

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