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| September 3, 2009

I have had a chance to check out some of Definien's algorithms and they clearly understand issues related to stain quality, contrast, heterogeneity and being able to enhance "region of interest" processing with algorithms that can "learn".  Like the industry has seen recently, they too have a strong background in translational research and are bringing that experience to the pathologists' toolbox for clinical diagnostics.  Check out their video and booth if you are going to be at Pathology Visions.


Watch an interactive demonstration of Definiens Tissue Studio!

Definiens Tissue Studio™ is a highly advanced digital pathology image analysis solution for biomarker     translational research. The out-of-the-box software application is able to analyze heterogeneous tissues;           identify individual cells and the sub-cellular objects within them; and conduct extremely accurate cell-by-cell biomarker quantification.

Definiens Tissue Studio™ incorporates the new Definiens Composer Technology™ which enables pathologists to train the application to detect regions of interest using up to four images simultaneously. The user simply “brushes” regions of interest with the Definiens Composer paintbrush tool, and then clicks the “Learn” button. ROIs detected in this manner can then be selected for further biomarker quantification. The resulting solution can be applied to new sets of images with a single mouse click for batch processing.

Definiens Tissue Studio™

  • accurately measures nuclear, membrane and cyctoplasmic biomarkers
  • provides multiparametric cell-by-cell quantification
  • enables simple robust detection of regions of interest (ROI)
  • supports all standard IHC tissue stains (blue, brown and red), H&E and IF
  • supports all tissue formats including slides and TMAs
  • supports all image formats, such as Aperio, Hamamatsu, Zeiss, Applied Imaging, Bacus,                TissueGnostics and generic file formats (.tiff, .jpeg).
  • enables rapid, batch processing of images
  • works out-of-the-box
  • has a simple user interface

Where can I learn more about Definiens Tissue Studio?

1. Watch an interactive movie.
Please wait a few moments for the movie to download (approx 25 mb). Say, "Yes" to any Active X messages.

2. Download the Definiens Tissue Studio datasheet

3. Send a message to have a Definiens representative contact you

4. Visit at Pathology Visions (Booth #201), September 13-15, 2009, San Diego, CA. Definiens will also be hosting a hands on workshop on Sunday, September 13, 1:00pm PST.

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