Aperio & BioImagene Release New Services and Products Ahead of CAP Meeting

| October 7, 2009

If you are attending CAP meeting in DC this upcoming week, I gather more information will be available from the respective companies.  Will be giving a course on virtual microscopy and telepathology that will provide a general review of the technologies available & provide some guidelines concerning medicolegal and regulatory issues.

Aperio Introduces Affordable Throughput-Based Digital Pathology Service Model for Clinical Market

Aperio has launched a service offering that delivers a comprehensive digital pathology solution capable of achieving a guaranteed slide throughput, i.e., the ability to digitize a pre-determined number of glass slides per hour. Customers pay an affordable monthly fee that is based on their desired throughput as part of the contract.

The Clinical Partner Service (CPS) program is designed specifically for hospitals and reference labs that need to scan batches of slides in a limited period of time on a daily basis. The CPS program enables labs to adopt digital pathology without the need for investing up-front capital. Aperio provides CPS customers with a comprehensive solution — based on a lab’s throughput needs — comprising the appropriate number of scanners, appropriate software licenses, professional services and on-going support, all wrapped into a simple monthly payment.

For additional information, Aperio representatives can be visited at booth 211 at the upcoming CAP ’09 conference in Washington, DC, October 11-14.

“The CPS program is simple and affordable, and will significantly reduce the barriers to adopting digital pathology while providing a customized solution,” said Dirk Soenksen, CEO of Aperio. “This service program aligns customers’ costs with their throughput needs, and scales to meet varying workflow requirements. Pilot testing of the CPS program has been extremely successful.”

The CPS program is yet another offering that sets Aperio apart in the clinical market, in addition to Aperio’s unique multi-site integration capabilities for disparate integrated delivery networks, and the ability to interface Aperio’s digital pathology systems with lab information systems (LIS) for maximum efficiencies and streamlining of workflow.

BioImagene announces launch of the Virtuoso digital pathology solution

BioImagene, the leading provider of innovative digital pathology solutions, today announced the availability of the next generation of its digital pathology solution, Virtuoso (TM). A highlight in this version is the ability to share cases in real time, allowing pathologists to collaborate with each other to sign out cases. Virtuoso users can participate in peer reviews, perform second-opinions for difficult cases, and guide residents in the review of cases for education.

Virtuoso will be demonstrated at the BioImagene Booth 411 at the CAP ‘09 – THE Pathologists Meeting™ that will be held in Washington, D.C. from October 11 – 14, 2009.

Stephen G. Ruby, MD, MBA, FCAP, president and medical director, 4path, Ltd. noted, “I had determined that a digital image platform would be an integral part of the development of 4path's new state of the art out-patient focused anatomic pathology laboratory. With nearly 20 years of imaging experience, it was clear to me that there was significant maturity to current image solutions and that image analysis is becoming an essential tool to pathologists. 4path selected Virtuoso as its platform for our digital imaging initiatives, allowing us to incorporate both the quantitative image analysis algorithms and the remote consultative capabilities into our practice. BioImagene is an essential component in providing both anatomic diagnostic and interactive consultative services to our clients and their patients."

The new Virtuoso release includes many new algorithms, further enabling personalized medicine. BioImagene now offers more than 100 algorithms which include IHC algorithms such as HER2, ER/PR and p53 for breast cancer, Ki67 for breast, brain and prostate cancers, CD138 for multiple myeloma and CD3/CD20 for lymphoma. These specialized algorithms aid pathologists in the quantitative assessment of biomarkers that in many cases help determine patient suitability for specific cancer therapies.

“We are excited to roll out the latest digital pathology tools to help pathologists offer quantitative diagnostic insights that are critical when taking a personalized medicine approach to treatment,” said Dr. Ajit Singh, chief executive officer of BioImagene. “We have made it easy for pathologists and laboratories to acquire our systems as we are the only company to offer comprehensive pay-per-click pricing model. There is no upfront expense, as we provide the software and equipment, and the lab only pays every time they scan a slide or analyze it.”

Virtuoso now includes:

  • Real-time collaboration
  • Powerful analysis algorithms for breast, prostate, and other panels of IHC markers
  • Enhanced reporting, which allows pathologists to provide oncologists with detailed information to make better treatment decisions
  • Improved and more intuitive user interface

Virtuoso works with BioImagene's iScan (TM) family of slide scanners to provide an end-to-end workflow solution. It allows users to view, manage, manipulate and analyze digital images, produce digital reports and collaborate with one another.

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