Panel of experts discusses future of personalized medicine

| October 27, 2009

Medscape (10/26, Beals) reported, "Leaders in human genetics looked to the future of personalized medicine and ways to translate genetics research into healthcare practice" during a medical conference panel discussion. Specifically, investigators "described advances in prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, and the genetic aspects of risk-taking behavior, medication effects, and patient response to genetic test results." Still, a "serious issue in genetic testing" persists: the "worried well." There are those who carry specific genes or alleles, such as ApoE4, which are known to increase disease risks. But, "50 to 75 percent of people carrying" that "allele never get Alzheimer's, and no current treatment can slow the disease." Still, the medical community anticipates personalized medicine's potential to prevent "adverse drug effects."

Category: General Healthcare News

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