Your iPhone Just Called: Your Blood-Sugar Is High

| December 23, 2009

Check out Your iPhone Just Called: Your Blood-Sugar Is High in The Wall Street Journal. I wonder if proposed health care reforms will help or hinder these types of technologies available to manage health care data.

"Polka, and Ringful are among a number of new services that allow consumers to input their medical information and track their conditions using a smart phone. Particularly for the small but growing number of people who use electronic health records, phone applications are appealing because they can allow mobile access to personal information.

The market is nascent, however. Currently, only about 3% of U.S. consumers put their medical information online in personal-health records, according to Forrester Research. It's mainly up to consumers to accurately log their own health data. And some consumers may be wary of putting their health information online, although there have been no known cases of security breaches involving these mobile applications. Finally, "many clinicians don't want to rely on the imperfect data provided by health plans or input by consumers," says Liz Boehm, a health-care analyst with Forrester Research."

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