New Opportunities for Your Laboratory’s LIS-EMR Interface: How to Profit From the “Big Wave” About to Hit Healthcare

| January 7, 2010

“Meaningful use,” radiology ordering,
and how to attract new outreach customers


Pat Wolfram
, Vice President, Marketing & Customer Services,
Ignis Systems Corporation

Ruth Johanson, IT Program Director, Providence Health & Services

Debbie Lucas Michel, (Moderator) The Dark Report, Inc.

During “New Opportunities for Your Lab’s LIS-EMR Interface: How to Profit From the “Big Wave” About to Hit Healthcare,” you and your staff will get an unprecedented look at why EMR vendors fail to accommodate clinical-laboratory and anatomic-pathology test ordering and reporting. Then, we’ll show you the easiest, fastest, and least expensive ways for your lab to beef up its LIS-EMR interface, allowing physicians-working inside their EMRs-to seamlessly order tests, view results, and research lab test topics in a way that supports their own personal work flow.

Listen as Wolfram provides insights, advice, and real-world examples on the latest in EMR software and functionality. You’ll learn about the coming challenges and best solutions for your lab, plus how some top-performing laboratories already deliver enriched informatics services to their client physicians. At the top of this list is the importance of “meaningful use,” a new federal incentive to encourage EMR adoption.

Wolfram will also show you how radiology ordering, enabled in the LIS-EMR interface by innovative hospital laboratory outreach programs, is helping to attract new outreach customers. That’s right! Progressive hospitals and health systems are combining their radiology and laboratory efforts to provide a fully integrated solution.

It’s a compelling value proposition for office-based physicians. Best of all, it’s an ordering service and patient-data source that the national labs can’t match! Only the local hospital outreach programs can provide office-based physicians integrated access to all their patients’ imaging and laboratory test data in this manner.

To learn just how successful these programs can be, our second speaker, Ruth Johanson of Providence Health & Services, Portland, Oregon, will provide details on a laboratory-outreach program at Providence Health of Portland, Oregon. You’ll get details on the innovative partnership between their laboratory and radiology groups, and find out why integrating radiology orders into the EMR through the lab’s LIS was a smart move. You’ll come away with an understanding of what works-and what to avoid-when you introduce this same service through your lab’s LIS-EMR portal.

Get the latest details on the steps your lab must take and the new opportunities about to be unlocked by the coming EMR “Big Wave.” This is the first time this information is being offered to labs like yours so take advantage of the opportunity to get a jump on your competition. And don’t forget-the audio conference format allows you to assemble key team leaders in your lab and participate together in the call.

Only the clinical laboratories and pathology groups that are most successful at LIS-EMR integration will be big financial winners in coming years. So don’t wait! Reserve your place today for this very special event.

“New Opportunities for Your Lab’s LIS-EMR Interface: How to Profit From the “Big Wave” About to Hit Healthcare” is essential knowledge for your senior executive team, lab and hospital information-technology leaders, and sales/marketing experts, so invite them all to participate in this audio conference with you.

And don’t forget the question-and-answer session that allows you to pose your specific questions to these well-respected experts in LIS-EMR integration. This direct access will help you get advice and insight that’s tailored to the unique needs of your laboratory.


DATE: Wednesday, January 20, 2010

TIME: 1 p.m. EDT; 12 p.m. CDT; 11 a.m. MDT; 10 a.m. PDT

PLACE: Your telephone or speakerphone

COST: $195 per dial-in site (unlimited attendance per site) through 1/8/10; $245 thereafter

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For one low price—just $195 (through 1/8/10; $245 thereafter)—you and your entire team can take part in this fast-paced, insightful audio conference. Best of all, you’ll be able to connect personally with either of the panelists when we open up the phone lines for live Q&A.

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn during this insightful 90-minute conference:

  • Why federal funding of EMR adoption is a game-changer across the entire healthcare system.
  • How “meaningful use” will encourage physicians and EMR vendors to put greater value on LIS–EMR integration.
  • How lab-outreach programs and hospitals are adding radiology ordering to lab test order/results portals.
  • The latest on e-prescribing and how a lab’s LIS–EMR interface can best support doctors who use this feature.
  • The limitations that EMR vendors put on the way their products handle lab-test orders and lab results.
  • The best and fastest doctor-pleasing features your lab can provide to physicians and their staff.
  • How to distinguish true EMR–LIS workflow integration from standard HL7 message passing.
  • Strategies for gaining cooperation with EMR vendors that will enable your LIS–EMR to interface with their doctor-customers.…and much more!

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2. Call toll free: 800-560-6363.

Your audio conference registration includes:

  • A site license to attend the conference (invite as many people as you can fit around your speakerphone at no extra charge)
  • A site license to attend the conference (invite as many people as you can fit around your speakerphone at no extra charge)
  • Downloadable PowerPoint presentations from our speakers
  • A full transcript emailed to you soon after the conference
  • The opportunity to connect directly with our speaker during the audience Q&A session

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