BioImagene Funds MSU Research to Study Pattern Recognition and Image Processing for Digital Pathology

| January 15, 2010

BioImagene Inc. is funding research conducted by Anil K. Jain, PhD, Distinguished Professor of Computer Science and Engineering and director of the Pattern Recognition and Image Processing laboratory at Michigan State University, to advance the study of pattern recognition and image processing. The objective of the research is to support the development of next-generation algorithms and pattern-recognition techniques used in digital pathology.

"Professor Jain, a leading authority in pattern recognition, has been working with his team to push the envelope on foundational techniques in image processing, pattern recognition and algorithms for classification," says Bikash Sabata, PhD, chief technology officer of BioImagene. "As we continue to develop new companion algorithms for diagnostic tests used in breast, prostate, colon, lung and other cancers, we see PRIP's research as a practical application that can be applied to next-generation digital pathology solutions to improve the standard of care for pathology and cancer diagnostics."

BioImagene is advancing its goal of bridging personalized medicine and the clinical practice of pathology by providing Companion Algorithms™ that can be used by pathologists to aid in the interpretation of digitized images of cancer diagnostic tests and help the pathologist provide the most actionable information to the oncologist and further enable pathologists to correctly identify and accurately measure specific biomarkers used to determine appropriate treatment options for patients.

"I'm pleased to see an industry pioneer such as BioImagene funding research conducted by MSU's Pattern Recognition and Image Processing lab," says Jain. "Our faculty and students are on the cutting-edge of pattern recognition and image processing. A significant portion of our research focuses on the development of novel algorithms in variety of application domains, and we are excited to apply this technology to help advance the field of digital pathology."

"BioImagene is interested in pushing the boundaries of pattern recognition, and we are actively working with premier research institutions, not just to support our business activities but also to advance the field itself," says Ajit Singh, PhD, chief executive officer of BioImagene. "Michigan State University was an ideal partner given their excellent track record of developing practical and broadly applicable techniques in pattern recognition and image processing."

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