FREE White Paper – Pathology Laboratories Take Steps to Bring Web 2.0 Functions into Digital Pathology

| January 19, 2010

Digital Pathology White Paper: Pathology Innovators Use Web 2.0 to Boost Productivity and Create Clinical Value

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The time to embrace Web 2.0 technologies is now!  While Web 1.0 users simply visited a Web page, Web 2.0 allows users to interact online via blogging, message boards or social networking profiles such as Facebook or to use Web 2.0 tools specifically designed for medical use.

Web 2.0 capabilities are taking advantage of digital pathology and reaping great benefits from it. Instead of having to pack and ship slides, multiple pathologists can view the same image online from different locations, have online discussions about it and pass control back and forth while looking at the same image. Each pathologist can annotate an image in real time. As a result, pathologists employing digital pathology are saving time, increasing their profits, boosting their productivity and garnering big dividends.


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  • The concept of Pathology 2.0 and how it may shape the evolution of anatomic pathology.
  • Insights and lessons learned from first mover pathology laboratories.
  • Digital pathology systems to improve the productivity and quality of pathology workflow.
  • How Web 2.0 functions work in a Pathology 2.0 setting.
  • How the user experience of Web 2.0 is different from that of Web 1.0
  • How pathology groups can use digital scanning and digital pathology systems in ways to support improved work flow, productivity, and clinical consultations.



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