A Tissue Microarray Toolbox for PathXL

| January 25, 2010

i-Path to release TMA Scoring and Analysis Toolbox

Planned for release in early Q2 2010, i-Path has developed a TMA solution which will provide Researchers with a web-based system for scoring TMAs for faster biomarker discovery.

The toolbox will significantly improve the management of TMA experiments using virtual microscopy, facilitating remote scoring, centralized storage of results, and with on-line data management and analysis. The system operates on existing data standards in the field allowing interoperability with other data-management platforms.

This will be a significant addition to the PathXL Toolbox series, providing researchers with the right tools for tissue diagnostics and biomarker discovery.

About i-Path Diagnostics Ltd

i-Path Diagnostics Ltd has grown out of a research group within Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland. The company has developed software products which facilitate education, training and research in the medical, biological and pharmaceutical sectors through the use of virtual microscopy. i-Path maintains a particularly strong interest in the use of virtual microscopy in educational institutions; we have customers in Universities and Teaching Hospitals across Europe.

Key features of i-Path’s Service

• Remote access to virtual slides from anywhere in the world

• Sophisticated web based software for the comprehensive management of virtual slides, users, accounts, metadata, etc. Provides a content management system to allow authoring of content as well as optional virtual slide catalogues

• i-Path’s PathXL solution is entirely web-based with no downloads to the client machine – works on all sorts of platforms (PC, MAC, etc) via a web interface

• Centralised hosted services on high performance server cluster, if required – removing the need for internal IT management of hardware. Deployed server option also available for internal integration of virtual slide management

• Can support a range of scanning devices including Aperio, Hamamatsu and Zeiss

• Company provides customised solutions to match the exact need of users of virtual microscopy – strong reputation for excellent customer service and support

To the educational market, we offer a suite of products that includes

• InView™; e-Learning materials and high quality educational content in pathology based on virtual microscopy

• PathXL™; an on-line content management and authoring platform for a range of virtual microscopy applications.

• PathXL OLT, an Online Testing wizard, providing educational organisations with a cost effective way of testing large numbers of trainees.

i-Path Diagnostics Ltd
23 University Street
Belfast BT7 1FY
Northern Ireland
Office: +44 (0) 28 9032 1110
Mobile: +44 (0) 7837 179918

Email: contact@i-path.co.uk

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