Aurora Interactive FDA Presentation Online

| January 27, 2010

A copy of Aurora's slide presentation to the FDA panel meeting on digital pathology in October is available on their website.

Aurora's presentation is largely technical related to compression, retiling and dynamic range which are important issues particularly for efficient, platform (hardware and image analysis software) independent transmission of images rapidly which is their business focus. 

Viewers which can readily handle multiple file formats regardless of the scanning platform, image type, file type or and third party image analysis algorithms, in my opinion, will be a requirement for full adoption of digital pathology (or near full adoption).  Many types of whole slide image formats can be viewed from different scanners with different viewers but in terms of Pathology 2.0, this needs to be completely seamless.  We need to see the images in native format rapidly.  It should not need to be apparent whose scanner the image was acquired on necessarily assuming the histology and imaging platform process adequate images. 

My goal is to not know if I am looking at an Aperio, BioImagene, Olympus or Zeiss image, for examples, but that they are diagnostically reliable, accessible, viewable and easily shared for collaborative exchange.

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