New Facebook Group for Pre-Med and Medical Students Considering Pathology

| April 5, 2010

N110628148961395_2800 Dr. Kim Solez at the University of Alberta has created a Facebook group after it occurred to him that we as a pathology community may be missing out on the best and brightest young people who might not otherwise enter pathology because there is almost nothing about the discipline on Facebook and YouTube, the entities they commonly use to find out about something. 

I think this type of promotion to medical students will be critical to attract candidates for all medical specialties.  I am optimistic the pathology community can achieve this but remain skepitcal given lack of pathology in medical schools as it has been traditionally taught and lack of exposure to pathologists to help promote our specialty.  The likes of increased use of Web media and networking tools such as USCAP TV will help to showcase pathology in a positive light rather than negative media and impressions.


Please contact Dr. Solez with your suggestions/ideas about what other resources and links would you should be added or any other suggestions on how the site might be improved including  images and video. 

Name: Pathology Careers

Description: A group designed to provide information to premed and medical students considering careers in pathology and laboratory medicine.

Privacy Type: Open: All content is public.
Email: Kim.Solez@UAlberta.CA
Location: Edmonton, AB

Category: Pathology News

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