iPerio – Thoughts about portability of digital pathology practice

| April 11, 2010

Dr. Kim Solez has added some new material on his Facebook including some nice videos about his experiences in pathology and where he sees the future of pathology.  Since delving into his group a little more since my first mention last week I noticed his interests towards digital pathology including some screen shots of an iPhone with a pathology image called "iPerio".  Clever.  There is an application for this of course called Interpath.  I have dowloaded the demo app to my iPhone and can access a gallery of images. Images were slow to open but viewable (and I think diagnosable) once you get there.

He also mentions the possibilities with a 320 GB hard drive (600-1000 slides) or about 40 trays as an average. Laptop on an airplane.  A new opportunity for the pathologist who claims "have microscope will travel" or "circuit riding pathologist". 

As I have mentioned before, while the technology may allow you to do this.  Would you really want to?

Laptop poolside reading cases.  Should you?  CLIA might have a word to say about this.  Professional setting? 

No doubt digital pathology has and is evolving with marked escalation over the past 18-24 months and I think enough pathologists understand now it is not a matter of "if" but "when" for themselves.

It is particularly interesting to hear and see this from a well-known experienced pathologist about the future of our practice and its relevance for those considering pathology as a career.

I encourage you to check out the Pathology Career Group on Facebook.  Thank you Dr. Solez for your insights! Another demonstration of Pathology 2.0!

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