Errata and miscellaneous news

| May 14, 2010

OK.  Lot of e-mails on my previous post about the post office and healthcare.  Apparently readers are unable to comment on the blog.  Since Typepad changed their platform to compose posts this has been a recurring problem. I have always kept comments open and unmoderated.  Will ask Typepad to look into this again.  The good news is there are no spam comments either.

Someone mentioned it costs 44 cents to mail a letter.  Not 42 cents.  Thanks for the correction.

In other news, Walgreens has decided not to sell Pathway Genomics genetics kits since the FDA has intervened.  I was really hoping I could run down to my corner drugstore and pick one of these up.  I think it wise for the FDA to do what they did and for Walgreens to postpone for the time being retailing this product.  There are still too many unanswered questions someone may be left with to have the ability to manage without appropriate reason for screening.

And finally, the US Census Bureau confirms preliminary data that more US residents claim a jail cell rather than a college dormitory room as their residence. Let's hope college students weren't as diligent about returning the forms or were counted elsewhere skewing the data.

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