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| May 14, 2010

The folks over at BioImagene sent over a summary of the latest BioImagene news.  Over the past several months they have brought several new products and applications to market.

Had a chance to see try out the slide input device and thought the responsiveness and accuracy was very good.  As I have mentioned before, the mouse is not the best human user interface tool and perhaps this is one more step towards moving digital pathology to "as fast as glass". 

Check out their other products and services below.

Digital pathology (DP) applications are gaining acceptance in the clinical, academic, and research markets, and BioImagene is at the forefront of several innovative technological advances sweeping this industry.

In the past few months, BioImagene has launched a new slide scanner, announced the availability of a new input device to transform the viewing experience of digital pathology images, unveiled a new version of its DP software, and entered into collaborations with several leading pathology vendors and academic medical centers, to further the development of next generation digital pathology solutions.

This email will keep you up-to-date on the latest BioImagene news from the past few months, by summarizing our most recent press releases:

BioImagene launched the iScan Coreo Au Slide Scanner and
Introduced the next generation of Virtuoso Digital Pathology Software

This marked a key milestone for the industry as it unequivocally took the speed of scanning and viewing to benchmark levels.

BioImagene’s Virtuoso digital pathology workflow software is now integrated with several market-leading anatomic pathology (AP) laboratory information systems (LIS).

The Virtuoso – LIS integration enables sharing of data between the two systems in the pathology laboratory, making critical information readily available to pathologists, and increasing pathology efficiency.

BioImagene adds New Companion Algorithms for Colon Cancer in their Virtuoso Digital Pathology Software.

Virtuoso is the only digital pathology software in the industry today to offer users Companion Algorithms to reproducibly quantify immuohistochemical stains used in breast, prostate, and colon cancers.

BioImagene announced the availability of the iSlide input device, an innovative device that allows pathologists to use a microscope-like interface to manipulate digital images of slides.

BioImagene is also the platinum sponsor of PathXchange (Px), a leading social networking tool for the pathology community. Px conducted its first trans-Pacific digital case conference between two leading hospitals in Mumbai, India and the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC).

PathXchange (Px), also announced the launch of Px Athena, an eLearning management system with Web 2.0 capabilities. Px Athena utilizes digital pathology technologies to provide a comprehensive online research and education solution to the academic pathology communities.

BioImagene also recently attended the annual USCAP meeting where we conducted a seminar series on digital pathology, amongst other events. To view a video of our presence at the meeting, click here.
To learn more about our company, please visit www.bioimagene.com.

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