Abstracts Solicited for the Pathology Informatics 2010 Conference in Boston on 19-22 Septembe

| May 20, 2010

Courtesy of labsoftnews.com:

The Pathology Informatics 2010 (PI-2010) conference will take place in Boston. MA, on 19-22 September, 2010. Abstracts for scientific sessions and e-posters are being solicited in connection with the conference with a firm deadline of July 30 for both categories. PI-2010 is the largest and most comprehensive pathology informatics CME event in the country and has been created by the merger of two predecessor conferences of long standing, APIII in Pittsburgh and Lab InfoTech Summit in Pittsburgh. The former has a 14 year history in Pittsburgh and the latter was presented for 21 years and Las Vegas and Ann Arbor. The latter event was known as AIMCL. The conference web site is now up-and-running. Details about the three content tracks (applied informatics, imaging informatics, and advanced/experimental informatics), plenary lectures, and workshops are availableas well as on-line registration.

Here is an overview of the scientific sessions:

The Scientific Sessions will consist of a series of 15 minute talks, each of which is immediately followed by questions which are posed by the audience. Researchers interested in presenting as part of these sessions should submit a 350 word abstract. There is particular interest in submissions that focus on three main areas of sub-specialization: pathology informatics, biomedical informatics, molecular pathology and imaging. 

Here is a summary of the e-posters being solicited:

E-poster presentations are similar to traditional poster presentations but are presented directly from the Internet using a PC. E-posters may take several forms including a PC-driven PowerPoint presentation, a live demonstration of a Web site, or other Web-based media. 

A total of 36 exhibitor have now committed to participation in PI-2010 and it is anticipated that more that 40 or more will be present by the time of the event. Make your plans now to submit an abstract or register for this mega-event. I am a member of the conference planning group and am sure that you won't be disappointed.

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  1. I’m a physical therapist and am curious if this conference is open to other health care professionals? I would like to think the more I can know in regards to the actual pathologic processes, the better I can help patients/clients from a functional stand point.