Definiens Invites Speakers for First International Definiens Symposium this October in Spain

| May 31, 2010

Definiens is proud to announce the First International Definiens Symposium in Madrid, Spain.

Announcement PDF

When: October 7‐8, 2010

Where: CNIC ‐ Melchor Fernández Almagro, 3, 28029 Madrid, España.

The annual Definiens Symposium serves as the premier forum for developers and users of the Definiens image analysis platform and applications from around the world to present their latest techniques and research in life science image analysis. Speakers and attendees will attend from international institutions, bio‐pharmaceutical companies, industry partners, and the healthcare industry.

The Definiens Symposium 2010 will be the place to exchange the latest ideas related to state of the art image analysis and to meet international experts from the Definiens community. It will be hosted by Dr. María Montoya, CNIC.

Sessions will include:

Digital Pathology Image Analysis 

Cell, Confocal, and Small Animal Image Analysis

      The Developer Perspective: Life Science Image Analysis Solution Strategies

Definiens is now accepting applications for speakers. Participate in the Definiens Symposium 2010 in Madrid alongside image analysis thought leaders from industry and academia; and Prof. Gerd Binnig, Nobel Laureate and Founder of Definiens.

Speaking slots are limited. Talks will be 20 minutes in length, followed by a question / answer period. Speakers are encouraged to submit papers for the conference proceedings.

Due Dates:

Speaker Titles and Abstracts Due: June 30, 2010

Submit Title, Abstract, and .PDF of slide deck to:

The Definiens Academy


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