Compelling Results from SOX2 Expression Analysis Study in NSCLC using Definiens Tissue Studio

| June 17, 2010

On June 10th at the Definiens Digital Pathology Webinar Series, Sven Perner and Theresia Wilbertz from University of Tuebingen presented a compelling study regarding SOX2 expression analysis in NSCLC, comparing two independent NSCLC cohorts. Their findings indicated that:

1. Elevated SOX2 expression is found in patients with squamous NSCLC, and correlated with better prognosis
2. Elevated SOX2 expression in these cohorts correlated with elevated SOX2 copy numbers as observed by FISH

Please note that the webinar is available for watching in HD – just click one of the HD options in the lower right. You can then click the “full screen” button and watch the webinar clearly.





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