Precision breast panel analysis with the Ventana VIAS Image System

| June 22, 2010

Medical Systems, Inc., the leading provider of automated image analysis tools
for breast panel interpretation, recently announced that the CAP HQIP-B 2009
Survey for laboratory proficiency testing of HER2/neu showed the Ventana VIAS
image analysis system as the first choice of labs around the country. In the
recent CAP survey the VIAS was used for automated image analysis of HER2/neu by
46% of laboratory sites using automated analysis.

pathologists become more involved in generating information that directly
impacts treatment decisions as part of the personalized medicine model, there
is an increasing need for advanced laboratory tools that go beyond traditional
methods and diagnostics. The VIAS system is an automated system that can assist
the pathologist in the assessment of breast cancer protein markers such as HER-
2/neu, ER, PR, p-53, and Ki67. After the primary diagnosis is made, the
pathologist can choose to utilize the VIAS system to quantify the level of
estrogen receptor, progesterone receptor or HER2 protein objectively via
computerized algorithms rather than relying solely on subjective assessment,
which can vary between observers of different skill levels.

Medical Systems is committed to providing innovative solutions for digital
pathology and image analysis as part of their product offering for hospitals
and laboratories throughout the country. The Sierra Medical Center in El Paso,
Texas started utilizing the image analysis system in 2008, and has seen its
tremendous value for the past couple of years in allowing pathologists to
detect and classify cancerous cells more quickly. “The VIAS image analysis
system improves the accuracy of immunohistochemistry testing and provides
reproducible results when interrupting breast cancer cases,” says pathologist
Dr. Judith Pester, Pathologist at Sierra Medical Center. “VIAS has been
instrumental in providing us with more accurate test results and ensuring that
patients receive appropriate treatment of their breast carcinoma.”


CAP Proficiency Testing

College of American Pathologists (CAP) Surveys program is the largest external
quality assessment program in the world. As such, it provides an unparalleled
selection of challenges and offers the largest database in existence for
interlaboratory comparison. The CAP has accumulated significant experience in
managing this type of program and is knowledgeable in its uses and limitations.

Ventana Medical Systems, Inc.

develops, manufactures, and markets instrument/reagent systems that automate
tissue preparation and slide staining in clinical histology and drug discovery
laboratories worldwide. The Company's clinical systems are important tools used
in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and infectious diseases. Ventana drug
discovery systems are used to accelerate the discovery of new drug targets and
evaluate the safety of new drug compounds. In addition, the Company offers
premier workflow solutions designed to improve laboratory efficiency, providing
safeguards to enhance the quality of healthcare. Ventana is a wholly owned
member of the Roche Group. For more information on Ventana Medical Systems,
Inc. visit

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