| June 27, 2010

Www.GoPathDx.com is a new premier interactive pathology web portal founded by a group of pathologists in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. The site serves as a pathology resource center where pathologists around the world can access information related to pathology learning, training, ongoing practice, continuing education and job opportunities. Additionally, the site also provides a place for social networking amongst professional colleagues. Featured function tabs include top news, pathology journals, lectures, a case of the week, telepathology, research updates, jobs and conferences. The site is very user-friendly and interactive, where pathologists can write their own diagnosis for a case of the week, post cases themselves to initiate a discussion, or make a comment about certain products they use. It is a great place to find information and place your advertisements as well.


Simply register with your e-mail, tell us where you are from (optional) and create a user name and password, then you can enjoy all the information of the site. The only reason we need your e-mail address is to be able to update you with upcoming events that may interest you, such as new lectures, new CME courses, new job opportunities and even new IHC Abs info that may be useful for your practice. We will not share your e-mail address with any third party.


Should you have any questions, comments or even complaints, please feel free to let us know. GoPathDx.com is here for you and your local pathology community.


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