Definiens Tissue Studio™ 2.0 Supports Tumor Profiling, Multiplexing and Biomarker Translational Research

| August 4, 2010
Definiens continues to push the envelope in the area of image analysis for digital pathology.  The robust yet ease of use of their products make their products suitable for clinical use and can be highly customized as needed for research and clinical trials.

Definiens Introduces New Version of its Digital Pathology Image Analysis Software

Definiens (yesterday) announced the introduction of Definiens Tissue Studio™ 2.0, the latest version of the company's leading image analysis software for digital pathology.

Along with improved processing speed, the second iteration of Definiens Tissue Studio now includes a full range of functionality for the analysis of immunofluorescence tissue stains. With its "learn-by-example" format, users train the software to identify representative regions of interest, and configure the software to automatically identify cells and sub-cellular objects. Beside the analysis of whole virtual slides, Definiens Tissue Studio 2.0 also provides full support to process tissue micro arrays.  Pathologists do not need prior computer programming, and can develop customized image analysis solutions in as little as 20 minutes.

"The fantastic reception to Definiens Tissue Studio over the last year has demonstrated the growing need among pathologists for accurate biomarker detection and quantification tools," said Martin Baatz, Ph.D. Vice President of Marketing at Definiens. "With Definiens Tissue Studio 2.0, we are providing an increased level of accuracy and speed while preserving the accessible interface and workflow that has been embraced by our customers."

Definiens Tissue Studio 2.0 is able to quantify localized biomarker expression as well as more than 50 morphological features. The rapid and accurate results provided by the software reveal underlying biological insights required for successful oncology translational research; supporting retrospective studies, diagnostics development, and early decision support in Phase I and Phase II clinical trials.

About Definiens

Definiens supports biopharmaceutical companies, clinical service organizations, and academic research institutions by automating image analysis – from drug discovery to diagnostics. The company's image analysis software enables the interpretation of vast numbers of digital images accurately and consistently. Definiens software for digital pathology and radiology images reveals biologically relevant insights for the advancement of translational research and personalized medicine. Definiens provides organizations with faster image analysis results, allowing deeper insights enabling better business decisions. The company is headquartered in Munich, Germany, and has offices throughout the United States. Further information is available at:


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