Surgeon vs. Pathologist – “I didn’t want to bias you”

| August 27, 2010

This is exactly why society needs the Internet and the tools to create your own movies.  Tim Berners-Lee predicted this himself.  With that being said, remember, "any similarities to real people or events are purely coincidental."

"I want to know the answer now." 

"…I always tell the residents how important pathology is…by the way I sent you an interesting mediastinal mass last week…" (to a GI pathologist) and the best ones:

"I didn't want to bias you", "the patient is in the recovery room" and "don't go home".

Anybody ever hear any of these from a surgeon requesting a frozen?


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  1. Ed Uthman says:

    If a surgeon is ill-disposed to “bias,” why does he need the services of a pathologist. Our report on his patient’s biopsy would only bias him. 😉

  2. infopathic says:

    Absolutely stellar, comic glimpse of the dance of intra-operative diagnosis!

  3. Hahaha. When I read the lead in google reader, this is EXACTLY what I imagined. Love. It.

  4. EM says:

    I suggest you upload it at

  5. Air Jordan says:

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