CBLPath Launches Best Practice™ Partnership Program

| September 21, 2010

Back in May I posted a press release from CBLPath announcing their integrated diagnostics services.  This weeks at Pathology Informatics 2010 they have announced their Best Practice Partnership Program. If you are unable to attend the meeting this week in Boston, more details will be showcased next week in Chicago at CAP 2010.  

CBLPath's approach to this is interesting.  By utilizing their services and expertise from sales to billing, this model will enable community pathologists to partner with CBLPath to grow their practice in a unique model historically for anatomic pathology laboratories, both for community-based groups and traditional large AP laboratories such as CBLPath.

Another factor at force here is the recognized convergence of diagnostic surgical pathology, digital pathology and molecular pathology.  I think there is a realization now that these services enable one another through convergence and each is enhanced by the others.  My feelings from Boston in one word is: convergence.  Digital pathology, surgical pathology, image analysis, workflow, image delivery and fast rendering are all starting to finally converge towards increased adoption for diagnostic surgical pathology. More on this to follow.

Full press release below from CBLPath:

Enabling revenue growth, enhancing patient care for community-based pathologists 

Community-based pathologists have been watching specialty anatomic pathology laboratories erode their market share.  These national labs have a significant advantage due to access to technology and electronic connectivity, and service features which are driving pathology out of the local community and into their centralized laboratories.  Today, combined with their historically rich local relationships, community-based pathologists have an advantage of their own – CBLPath’s Best Practice™ Partnership Program.

The Best Practice Partnership Program is comprised of a full range of business and technology services enabling community-based pathologists to more successfully compete against sub-specialized, larger, centralized testing laboratories.  The program consists of five components: Sales and Marketing; Information Technology through LabIS™, CBLPath’s proprietary pathology management system; Medical Operations; Lab Operations; and Managed Care and Billing.

“Our business has experienced tremendous growth since its inception,” said Tom Curtis, CBLPath’s Vice President of Marketing.  “Our growth is attributed to the same five components we are offering our clients through Best Practice.  By becoming a Best Practice Partner, community-based pathologists can enhance the level of patient care they provide with the resources of a national reference laboratory behind them.”

CBLPath has embraced the industry convergence of anatomic, molecular and digital pathology.  The organization is providing its Partners with 400 employees, more than 30 of which are board-certified sub-specialty pathologists, access to accurate, definitive molecular testing and landmark digital pathology systems.   Through Best Practice, community-based pathologists are able to provide better medicine to their patients and a wider breadth of service to their own clients.

“While other centralized labs are competing with the local pathologist for business, CBLPath recognizes a natural synergy between our lab and the local pathologist,” said David Bryant, CBLPath’s President and Chief Commercial Officer.  “We created the Best Practice Partnership Program to empower local pathologists to thrive in this competitive market, keeping medicine local.”

CBLPath will showcase the Best Practice Partnership Program at the CAP ’10 meeting next week in Chicago. For more information about Best Practice, visit www.CBLPath.com/bestpractice.


About CBLPath

CBLPath is a national specialty lab offering a full convergence of anatomic, molecular and digital pathology services. The company provides a one-stop solution for comprehensive sub-specialized diagnostics, and timely, accurate, patient-centered disease management guidance. Through its Best Practice ™ Partnership Program, CBLPath partners with pathologists to help them grow their practices, while giving them the ability to stay independent and “keep medicine local.” The company also provides sub-specialty physicians access to comprehensive, high-quality testing in their local market. Founded in 1988, CBLPath established a reputation for providing timely, highly accurate diagnoses along with extraordinary customer service and a true patient-centered commitment. For more about the company, please visit www.CBLPath.com.


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