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| November 2, 2010

Drs. Friedman and Pool of Lab Soft News and The Daily Sign-Out recently published a paper entitled "Ten Important Lessons We Have Learned as Pathology Bloggers" in the Journal of Pathology Informatics.

My personal thanks to Bruce Friedman, Mark Pool and the editors of the journal for the opportunity.

Jpi_blog Recently, the Journal of Pathology Informatics has started their own blog.  A look through a couple postings last month are worth reading — "If LIS companies sold cars" and "Screens for Pathologists: Portrait vs. Landscape". The posts are written by Gaurav Sharma, from UPMC and an up and coming star in the field of pathology informatics.  In addition to his other duties he currently serves as junior editor for the journal.

Very interesting to see peer-reviewed articles about blogging and blogs as part of peer-reviewed journals.  

Welcome to Gaurav and appreciation to the editors of the journal, Dr. Liron Pantonowitz and Dr. Anil Parwani for their continued vision and insight in these endeavors for the pathology informatics community and the world.

Another example of Pathology 2.0!

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