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| November 3, 2010

Today I became aware of a company called MikroScan that is producing slide scanners.  Ironically, their website lists "Vista, CA",as home base of operations about 2 miles from another slide scanner company based in Vista, Aperio.

There are 4 videos on YouTube and a press release on their website announcing their first line of products designed to bring true desktop convenience and personal operation to the world of virtual microscopy. The press release claims they have the world’s most advanced personal desktop whole-slide imaging systems for extremely fast scanning and remote diagnostics in digital pathology.  Full press release below.

After some additional searching I also came across a company called Jenoptik, headquartered in Jena, Germany, home to Carl Zeiss, Inc. which manufactures high technology optics and digital imaging products and a press release mentionting its participations in digital pathology and virtual slide imaging with MikroScan Technologies of Vista, CA.

Is all of this purely coincidental or does anyone know about this company? 

On the surface, unusual marketing campaign to date but I like the footprint of the device.  This is getting closer to a device that can be placed on a pathologist's desk for immediate scanning and sharing of images assuming the quality is there.  I wonder what it costs. Full press releases below

Announcing the world’s most advanced personal desktop whole-slide imaging systems for extremely fast scanning and remote diagnostics in digital pathology

Vista, CA, November 2, 2010: California based whole slide imaging (WSI)manufacturer, MikroScan Technologies, announces their first line of products designed to bring true desktop convenience and personal operation to the world of virtual microscopy.

Digital imaging in the world of microscopy is evolving at a high rate. Digital pathology is becoming increasingly important in every laboratory and pathologists require rapid access to high-quality whole slide images for fast diagnosis, real-time consultations from anywhere in the world, as well as long-term preservation of digital samples with untold future benefits to medical research. MikroScan Technologies specializes in building whole-slide scanning solutions engineered specifically to meet these needs for pathologists, scientists, laboratories and other medical and industrial applications.

Bob Goerlitz, president of MikroScan Technologies, said, “We design our products with every pathologist, technician and researcher in mind. The D2, S2, and S8 are very easy to use, with a minimal learning curve and they integrate quickly and easily into any lab workflow. Our Image quality, speed of acquisition, software, and hardware capabilities exceed that of many other systems and at a fraction of their cost. Our game changing affordability and small footprint finally empowers every pathologist to scan slides from their very own desktops, and that’s something that has never been realistic until now.” Mr. Goerlitz continued, “Don’t let the small size and small price fool you, it’s an incredibly robust instrument with powerful computing and networking capabilities for anywhere-in-the-world collaboration of digital slides.”

MikroScan Product Line

MikroScan systems deliver high-quality, fast whole-slide imaging (WSI) scans for accurate on the spot, or remote diagnostic examination. The high-speed scanner delivers typical scan times of less than 2 minutes for 15×15 mm sample at 20x magnification. Acquired slide images are compatible with many leading third party image analysis, diagnostic and data management applications.

The MikroScan D2 desktop personal whole slide scanner is a complete turnkey solution, including a computer and Q-Skan scanning software. The D2 model includes a reversible easy loading paddle that holds up to four 25×75 mm slides or two 50×75 mm slides. With a small desktop footprint, low profile, and compact design, the D2 is ideal for any desk or laboratory workstation.

The company also offers dual-purpose integrated microscope systems for exceptional workflow flexibility. The MikroScan S2 holds two standard slides (25×75 mm) or one 50×75 mm slide and the MikroScan S8 holds up to eight standard slides for higher laboratory throughput. Integrated with industry-leading Carl Zeiss microscopes, the systems provide a complete turnkey solution that can operate as both a whole-slide scanner as well as high-end routine brightfield microscope and imaging platform. The microscopes are fully upgradable and capable of additional techniques including fluorescence, phase contrast, and interference contrast.

All MikroScan systems come equipped with a powerful computer and user-friendly Q-Skan slide scanning software pre-installed and configured. With automatic tissue detection, or optional manual tissue selection, and Auto Axis Array focusing, Q-Skan software user interface makes all MikroScan’s systems easy to use with minimal training required.

About MikroScan Technologies

MikroScan Technologies has been engaged in the design, sales, and marketing of high quality laboratory instruments for more than 26 years, and specialize in the development of cutting edge whole-slide imaging (WSI) systems designed for pathology, biology and research applications. With game changing technology and pricing, MikroScan products represent a leap in advancement and convenience in the evolution of WSI and digital pathology with the world's most flexible desktop personal whole-slide scanner. MikroScan centers its product development on three primary criteria: 1) Speed of slide image acquisition: necessary to make scanning technology practical in scientific investigation and clinical applications. 2) High quality slide images: necessary for accurate visual or digital diagnostics and or collaboration. 3) Affordability: unprecedented economics that allows scanners on anyone's desktop or lab workstation. For further information visit: Contact MikroScan

Jenoptik is pleased to announce its Participation in Digital Pathology and Virtual Slide Imaging with MikroScan Technologies, of Vista, Ca


October 27, 2010

Virtual Imaging is a fast growing segment in microscopy, particularly in the area of digital pathology. Microscope slides of patient tissue are stained and loaded into Digital Slide Scanners where they are quickly scanned and the images captured by high resolution cameras. These images are then available for general viewing, diagnostic examination, and consultation. Virtual Slide Imaging allows efficient storage of slide images, eliminating the possibility of glass breakage as well as almost instant world wide access eliminating the possibility of loss in transit. Virtual Imaging is a supporting technology in the mandate for establishing the electronic patient medical record database.

Jenoptik, through its Digital Imaging division, has partnered with MikroScan Technologies of Vista, California in designing and manufacturing high speed and high resolution imaging modules from its ProgRes camera line for a new generation of high speed scanners from MikroScan Technologies. These Digital Scanners are designed for single or multi slide use and are compatible with many image analysis, diagnostic and data management programs. Typical Slide scan times are under 2 minutes for 15mm x 15mm sample at 20x magnification. Models are currently available for brightfield scanning applications, with Fluorescence capabilities scheduled for introduction shortly. Scanners are competitively priced for multiple unit acquisition with minimal training and support requirements.

About Jenoptik:
Headquartered in Jena, Germany, the birthplace of modern optics, Jenoptik is a world leader in high technology optics and digital imaging products. The Progres line of digital cameras encompasses a broad line of devices including CMOS, Color, B/W, and high sensitivity cameras for scientific and Industrial use. Included within the offering are custom built OEM modules to meet a wide spectrum of application. E mail for further information.

About MikroScan Technologies:
Located in Vista, Ca. MikroScan Technologies has been engaged in the design, sales and marketing of high quality instruments for the laboratory for more than 26 years. Identifying the need for high quality laboratory automation products at affordable prices, MikroScan Technologies enters the virtual image scanner market with game changing technology and pricing. For further information on MikroScan Technologies, .


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  1. Amanda Lowe says:

    I believe MikroScan is a spin off of a company called Mikron Instruments, They are a distributor of a lot of different stuff including other digital pathology manufacturers like Bioimagene, Motic and ZEISS who holds several patents from Trestle and Clarient’s ACIS technology. I also saw MikroScan at USCAP 2010 but the system looked a lot different than the one you have above. All in all, I don’t exactly know what this means… but hope this information helps provide some more context to their company and background.

  2. Raj Patey says:

    3DHistech have offered for several years the Pannoramic Desk – which meets the needs of a compact desktop scanner whilst retaining the image quality and speed of their larger scanners.
    (Declared interest: We are the UK distributor for the 3DHistech range)

  3. Carl says:

    Thanks, this is very interesting. The market needs a new slide scanner small player to drive competition. Looks like they are just getting started. They don’t have much yet on twitter, FB and youtube

  4. Victor Casas says:

    Keith, it’s great to see MikroScan coming to light here on your blog, thank you for the coverage. Since you are wondering just who we are, and what we’re doing, I’d like to take this opportunity to answer that. We would be happy to set up an interview to answer any more questions you have, so you can publish it here.
    Amanda you are correct, MikroScan is a new company, formed from a regional scientific distributor, Mikron Instruments. Mikron Instruments has been active in the Pathology market for over 25 years, and has been on top of the Pathology and Sample preparation world as a result. We have many long term relationships with industry leaders including Carl Zeiss microscopes and Milestone Medical.
    Our goals are to break down barriers of cost and workflow to Digital Pathology. We see the technology available now and opportunity to make it happen, and it’s not that difficult. We would rather maximize the spread of game changing technology, rather than maximize price tags. We are trying to make is easy to dive in head first into full Digital Pathology.
    We are a personal slide scanner company, committed to breaking down barriers to digital pathology entry worldwide. We’re not here to compete with the large high throughput digital pathology companies, we want to compliment them. Every aspect of our system design has been to fit into a larger world of a complete installation, or act as a stand alone functional system.
    The MikroScan D2 is small, easy to learn, easy to maintain, fast to acquire good images, and affordable. Prices starts in the mid $30,000 range for a complete system with scanner, Acquisition PC loaded with software, and Internet Viewer with unlimited views for your image server.
    Thanks again.
    Victor Casas
    Product Development Team
    MikroScan Technologies

  5. Noiceackite says:

    A candidate is someone who gets money from the rich and votes from the poor to protect them from each other

  6. id scanner says:

    Thanks , it is quite interesting. I am glad to know that MikroScan systems deliver high-quality, fast whole-slide imaging scans for accurate on the spot, or remote diagnostic examination. We people really need good qualities of scanners.

  7. Thanks , it is quite interesting. I am glad to know that MikroScan systems deliver high-quality, fast whole-slide imaging scans for accurate on the spot, or remote diagnostic examination. We people really need good qualities of scanners.