Choosing Your Career Path: How the Genetic Transformation of Laboratory Medicine and Healthcare Could Impact Your Future as a Pathologist

| November 12, 2010

 What 2011 graduating pathology residents and
fellows need to know about these changes

Your Presenters:

Robert Michel, Editor-in-Chief, THE DARK REPORT

Gene Herbek, MD, FCAP, Medical Director of Transfusion and Coagulation Services, Methodist Hospital Pathology Center, and Assistant Clinical Professor of Pathology, Nebraska Medical Center


LIVE EVENT! November 17th, 3pm EST



New genetic knowledge is about to transform the healthcare industry and pathologists will be at the center of this revolution. Events are already moving swiftly in the clinical marketplace, making it essential that pathology residents and fellows stay up-to-date. Today’s established clinical-practice pathology delivery models will not be tomorrow’s value-added genetic and molecular pathology service.

THE DARK REPORT and have predicted that the pathology profession is about to enjoy a “Golden Age”—a time when new genetic and molecular assays will allow pathologists to provide extremely sensitive and precise diagnostic and prognostic information to clinicians and patients.

For young pathologists preparing to enter the job market, picking the right career direction within clinical or anatomic pathology ensures a productive career that will be well compensated. But the opposite is equally true. If a young pathologist chooses to specialize in an area of lab medicine that is about to be disrupted by the introduction of new genetic diagnostics, then it could become a roller-coaster career.

If you’re a pathology resident or fellow who wants to choose the right career path in laboratory medicine, you won’t want to miss the latest webinar from Dark Daily’s new Pathology Residents Education Program (PREP) on November 17, 2010: Choosing Your Career Path: How the Genetic Transformation of Laboratory Medicine and Healthcare Could Impact Your Future as a Pathologist.Listen as two of the lab-testing industry’s leading thinkers share up-to-the-minute perspectives on the trends and disruptive forces now reshaping both healthcare and the laboratory-testing profession.

Our first speaker, Robert Michel, will explain the fundamental changes that are influencing healthcare and laboratory medicine. You’ll learn how four new megatrends will radically alter the way healthcare is delivered today. Michel will show you why these megatrends are unstoppable. But the surprising twist is that, because of these megatrends, pathology and lab testing have the potential to offer incredible value.

Michel will outline expectations for genetic medicine and demonstrate how new genetic and molecular technologies will be taken up by clinical pathology (CP) and anatomic pathology (AP). This is an exciting field, ripe with potential for young pathologists. But it is essential to choose the right subspecialty area. Michel’s presentation will help you do just that.

Our second speaker, pathologist Gene Herbek, MD, FCAP, will show you how pathology is changing. As a future pathologist, you’ll learn how to become the leader of a physician medical team and better understand your part in direct patient care.

Dr. Herbek will outline the role of future pathologists—as diagnosticians, teachers and investigators. Find out how Western medicine and the medical marketplace have changed dramatically over our lifetime and how pathologists will need to adapt to stay at the forefront of the industry.

You’ll come away with a better understanding of the vital part pathologists will play in the transformation of the specialty as it redefines the physician’s role around patient outcomes.

This webinar is an easy way for you and other pathology residents to interact with each other through the Q&A format that allows you to get answers to your most important questions. Be sure your residency program registers for this session so it’s available to all fourth-year pathology residents and fellows at your academic center.


DATE: Wednesday, November 17 2010

TIME: 3 p.m. EST; 2 p.m. CST; 1 a.m. MST; 12 Noon PST

PLACE: Your computer or your residency program’s conference room

COST: $249 per site (unlimited attendance per site)
*Add 30 days of post-conference online access to the recording of this event for $75

TO REGISTER NOW: Click here or call Suzanne Galloway toll-free at 1-800-560-6363


For one low price—just $249—you and your entire team can take part in this fast-paced, insightful webinar. Best of all, you’ll be able to connect personally with either of the panelists when we open up the phone lines for live Q&A.


Here’s just some of what you’ll learn during this in-depth 75-minute webinar:

•Five transformative megatrends that will soon reshape the American healthcare system.

•The potential impact of 80 million retiring baby boomers on healthcare.

•How pathology and laboratory informatics will become essential support for pathologists.

•The sectors of lab medicine that will have the highest demand for pathologists—and will pay the most.

•The new basis for pathologist reimbursement: Say good-bye to fee-for-service.

•When whole human genome sequencing will become an everyday tool for pathologists.

•Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and how they will change the role of the pathologist.

•What the media hasn’t told you about healthcare reform and its downside for clinicians.

•Anticipating digital pathology’s role in disrupting the community pathology practice business model.

•The critical role that pathologists, as physicians, will play in patient care and healthcare-system reform.

•The specific threats and opportunities you face as a practicing pathologist.

•Recent advances in molecular diagnostics, personalized medicine and digitalization of pathology.

•What the College of American Pathologists is doing to help pathologists manage the changing landscape.

…plus much more!


Individuals who benefit from this webinar:

· Pathology chief residents, residents and fellows

· Academic pathology chairs

· Residency program directors

· Pathology department administrators

· Undergraduate and graduate medical educators

· Pathology and laboratory professionals

How to Register:
1. Online
2. Call toll free: 800-560-6363


Your webinar registration includes:

· A site license to attend the webinar (invite as many people as you can fit around your computer at no extra charge)

· Downloadable PowerPoint presentations from our speakers

· A full transcript emailed to you soon after the conference

· The opportunity to connect directly with our speaker during the audience Q&A session

Register Now! Or for more information, call us toll-free at 800-560-6363.


Panel of Experts:

Robert Michel is owner and Editor-in-Chief of THE DARK REPORT and, an intelligence service and publication providing economic and strategic assessment of the clinical laboratory industry for senior executives and pathologists. Michel has experience in strategic analysis, corporate planning and market-trend assessment. Prior to THE DARK REPORT, he was Director of Strategic Analysis and Special Projects for the regional laboratory division of Nichols Institute before and during its merger with Corning Clinical Laboratories (now Quest Diagnostics). Michel’s corporate experience includes executive positions with Proctor & Gamble Distributing Company, Financial Corp. of America and Centex Corporation. In addition, he is a winner of the Newsletter and Electronic Publisher Association’s prestigious “Best Investigative Reporting” Award and is listed in Marquis Who’s Who in Healthcare and Medicine.

Gene N. Herbek, MD, FCAP is the Medical Director of Transfusion and Coagulation Services at Methodist Hospital Pathology Center and Assistant Clinical Professor of Pathology at Nebraska Medical Center. He is also secretary-treasurer of the College of American Pathologists. Dr. Herbek is board-certified in anatomic and clinical pathology and a graduate of the University of Nebraska Medical Center and Residency Training Program. He has been actively involved in CAP for many years, having served on its Board of Governors, serving as chair of the Council on Membership and Public Affairs, and vice chair of the Council on Scientific Affairs. Among his many professional honors and awards, he received CAP’s Outstanding Communicator Award and St. Luke’s Regional Medical Center’s Physician Hero Award.

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