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| November 22, 2010

Unlock Your Future: Embrace The Potential Of Pathology

December 16, 2010 at 12 PM EST

Amanda Lowe, President of Digital Pathology Consultants

66567746475808625 The practice of pathology is evolving rapidly and pathologists must prepare for tomorrow. Over the next 10 years several changes such as the advancement of personalized medicine, the onset of electronic medical records, and the emergence of significant technological advances like digital pathology, will greatly impact how a pathologist performs his/her job. Therefore pathologists must start to explore, experiment, and learn new ways of thinking, and working professionally. Coaching has proven to be a very powerful means of guiding and supporting people and/or organizations to solve difficult problems and achieve complex goals. This webinar will discuss how working with a coach can make a difference in your organization and help everyone prepare for the future of pathology.



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