What are you thankful for?

| November 24, 2010

It is a simple enough question.  Our office had a Thanksgiving lunch and someone in our group popped this question to the table of pathologists, histotechnicians, supervisors and administrators.  How do you answer this?  Where do you start?  

My family.  My career.  Good health.  My colleagues, friends and associates. Freedom.  All givens.   

What about technology?  All the great advances that allow us to work in a xylene-free lab or process tissue quicker for patients or smart phones that allow us to "stay connected" and access information at our fingertips routinely.  Too material or simplistic?  And who do you "thank"?

On a lighter note, thankful for the Chicago Bears having 7 wins after 10 games (never mind only one of those wins against a team currently above .500).  Not to be too critical, but can you really count wins against the likes of Detroit, Buffalo, Miami, Dallas, Minnesota and Carolina?  Thankful for the Chicago Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup at least once during my lifetime.

Please take a moment to mention what you are thankful for. 



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  1. Tom Boyd says:

    I’m thankful for DVR technology so I never have to watch a commercial again.

  2. Steve Potts says:

    As a Denver Broncos fan, I am thankful there is lots more to life than football :)