Via Lab Soft News — Major Increases in Pathology RVUs for 2011

| December 11, 2010

Major Increases in Pathology RVUs for 2011

Editor's note: Joe Plandowski sent me the following good news about increased reimbursement for pathology for 2011.

We are hearing news on a daily basis about a 25% SGR (Sustainable Growth Rate) cut for 2011 and continual cuts in third party payer reimbursements. However, when pathologists and anatomic lab managers wake up in 2011, they will be dancing in the streets. The Medicare fee increases from 2010 to 2011, in the face of a flat SGR, are mind-boggling. Pathology received major changes to its RVUs thanks to a lot of lobbying by organized pathology. Pathologists ought to be quietly celebrating their good fortune because it came out of the hides of other specialists. The following are some examples (w/o geographic adjustments):

  • 88112 (non-Gyn cytology) is going to $111.72, a 9.8% increase
  • 88305 (tissue diagnosis) is going to $115.04, a 10.6% increase
  • 88312 (special stain) is going to $116.15, a 15.8% increase
  • 88313 (special stain) is going to $84.81, a 15.6% increase
  • 88342 (IHC) is going to $113.20, a 12.9% increase

I can't remember ever seeing such large percentage increases. And, these increases are coming at a time of fiscal restraint in medicine. Wait for the howling to begin as this news spreads. If pathologists thought they had a tough time with clinicians, it just got tougher. Particularly so, when clinicians discover those increases came directly out of their pockets.


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