The Transformation of Pathology

| December 15, 2010

The College of American Pathologists has been active with several ideas concerning the transformation of our specialty with rapid growth of new technologies, disruptive technologies and changes in the healthcare system that will impact medicine.  One of the initiatives being discussed from CAP is increased direct dialogue by pathologists with patients.  True one-on-one meetings with patient's about their pathology and their particular disease and its biology to better inform and educate patients as an integral part of the care team beyond the pathology report.  

Dr. Jennifer Hunt at the Massachusetts General Hospital is leading the effort.  The below video is from the College's YouTube channel that has a few similar videos with more to come.  

If you are a pathologist, are you going to transform?  How do you feel about speaking directly with patients and their families?  

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  1. This is truly personalized medicine. I am sure patients would embrace listening to a pathologist describe the inner fabric that makes us human and the disease that has infiltrated their souls. Good job MGH for taking a leadership position. I hope this one day becomes standard of care.

  2. U says:

    I agree, and applaud CAP’s effort in this regard.