Does content follow you or do you follow content?

| January 10, 2011

I am interested in getting a sense from readers that are willing to do so to tell me how they read this blog (and others).  Specifically, do you follow content or does content follow you?  I try to use a reader to have content follow me. In doing so, I peruse the headline or title of the feed, post or news item and drill down into the content if it seems of interest to me.  For whatever reason there are also sites and blogs that I go to rather than having in a reader.  Just curious what your habits may be.  Increasingly, I also find myself, however I read what I want via use of small(er) screen technology either through my smartphone or iPad.  I think this is also a common trend that will continue negating the need for desktop computer viewing/reading. 

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  1. Steve Potts says:

    Good questions – will be interesting to see what others say. For me, even though I am immersed in new technology, for personal reading I am still pretty old school and go to this site to read – I have RSS feeds but don’t generally use them that much. I prefer to go get my newspaper, not have it thrown at me :)