Sunquest Copathplus 5.0 Delivers Innovative Anatomic Pathology Workflows

| January 10, 2011
Sunquest Information Systems, a leading provider of healthcare information technology, introduces Sunquest CoPathPlus 5.0. This solution is designed specifically to support the complex workflow and reporting needs of Anatomic Pathology (AP).

Sunquest CoPath Plus 5.0 introduces a new and innovative specimen management and tracking solution designed specifically to automate the complexities associated with managing specimens and their many derivative assets. This will enable more efficient and accurate specimen analysis, enhanced speed to diagnosis, and, ultimately, improved patient outcomes.

Sunquest is also introducing advanced integration with digital imaging solutions for the practice of anatomic pathology. Designed to function as a virtual "pathologist's cockpit" for improved productivity and performance, Sunquest CoPath Plus delivers to pathologists a comprehensive view of patient information.

Sunquest is a Founding Gold Sponsor of the Digital Pathology Association (DPA), a non-profit organization committed to creating standards for the adoption and use of digital imaging in the practice of pathology. Working closely with strategic partners, Sunquest has developed and delivered major advances in anatomic pathology workflow, specimen tracking, and usability.

"Anatomic Pathology laboratories must ensure process quality and patient safety even as test volumes are rapidly increasing," according to Richard Atkin, Sunquest President and CEO. "Sunquest CoPathPlus 5.0 provides intuitive, efficient, and automated workflows to laboratories while delivering improvements in patient safety and enabling growth opportunities for practice outreach.

"CoPath Plus 5.0 is an important next step toward fully automating processes within the anatomic pathology lab workflow. This new release further demonstrates Sunquest‘s ongoing commitment and leadership in the anatomic pathology market.

SOURCE: Sunquest Information Systems

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