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| February 1, 2011

Voicebrook Inc., the leading provider of integrated speech recognition and digital dictation solutions for Pathology, recently announced its inclusion in a feature article “Voice of Choice for lab transcriptions,” in the January 2011 issue of CAP TODAY.

The article focuses on the role of speech recognition software for laboratory transcription, and declares that when it comes to choices in the marketplace, Voicebrook’s VoiceOver® software is the only speech recognition product that is designed for pathologists. The article quotes several prominent pathologists from across the country, who universally confirm that VoiceOver® is the best solution for pathologists who are looking to implement a speech recognition product in their laboratory. Benefits mentioned include financial savings, improved turnaround time, assistance in training residents, time savings, improved accuracy over traditional transcription, adaptability to different LIS systems, and ease of adoption for even the most hesitant and technology-phobic pathologists.

E. Ross Weinstein, CEO of Voicebrook said, “We are pleased that CAP TODAY decided to write a feature article about speech recognition in Pathology, and that they accurately identified our role as the leader in speech recognition solutions for Pathology. In the article, the question, ‘How good is the one option I’ve got?’ was raised, and we feel that the users of our software clearly identified the many benefits of VoiceOver that are unique for Pathology. These features include advanced templating, discrete data entry and CAP Cancer protocols, a knowledge base of Pathology templates, hands-free microphone and foot pedal integration, delegated and digital dictation workflows, custom integration with over 16 AP/LIS products, downtime procedures, integration with Digital Imaging platforms, and customized vocabulary and functionality to handle unique Pathology reporting workflows. Our goal is to continue to build upon that feature set in order to provide our clients with the most robust and usable speech recognition and digital dictation solutions for Pathology, while maintaining excellence in delivering the professional services necessary in this demanding environment.”

For more information, please visit www.voicebrook.com or read the article at the CAP website at http://www.cap.org/apps/cap.portal?_nfpb=true&cntvwrPtlt_actionOverride=%2Fportlets%2FcontentViewer%2Fshow&_windowLabel=cntvwrPtlt&cntvwrPtlt{actionForm.contentReference}=cap_today%2F0111%2F0111c

About Voicebrook
Voicebrook is the leading provider of integrated speech recognition and digital dictation solutions for Pathology. Voicebrook’s VoiceOver® Enterprise software integrates directly with most AP/LIS systems, and has been widely deployed in Pathology throughout the US and Canada. Voicebrook has developed specific best practices for implementation and on-going support, ensuring the most successful deployments of integrated speech recognition technology for Pathology.

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