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| February 3, 2011
Microscope Slide Scanning Services

1×3 & 2×3 slide scanning services for brightfield & fluorescence applications.

4x slide scan of mouse brain10x slide scan of mouse brain20x target of mouse brain
The Microscopes: Custom automated for high resolution imaging
  • Illumination: Transmitted light LED and metal halide reflected light fluorescence.
  • Optics: plan fluorite 10x 0.25NA, 20x 0.46NA, and 40x 0.75NA as standard.
  • Other optics available upon request.
  • High resolution cooled color digital camera, meets Nyquist Theorem requirements.
  • XYZ automated platform with high resolution motorized stage.
  • Autofocus capability – several autofocus applications available.
  • Custom integrated PC / imaging software platform for a variety of applications.

The Services: What We Provide

  • You decide – we acquire high resolution images per your determined methodology.
  • Single images are in standard single TIFF image format for ease of use on a variety of analysis platforms.
  • Custom software is included in the scanning service for our customers to navigate and view the full macro image at lower resolution and then expand to the single full resolution image for detailed viewing.
  • All scanned image sets and folders will be stored on a USB digital hard drive, included with the return of your samples. We will store copies of these images at Micro Optical until you confirm that your hard drive and data has been received. You can choose to return the hard drive to Micro Optical or keep it as a backup copy of your original data.


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Amesbury, MA 01913

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