Parade of Hopefuls in Digital Pathology

| February 18, 2011

From CAP Today by Karen Lusky:

You know a new technology is catching on when the talk becomes less about whether it will be adopted and more about how and why. That shift appears to be taking place in the digital pathology world where the focus today is on how to make digital work for pathologists and laboratories. The digital pathology market itself is changing, too, as more vendors surface with different business agendas and strategies.

Read full story entitled "Parade of Hopefuls in Digital Pathology" in CAP Today.

Yours truly has a few quotes with my thoughts in the article and some counterpoints from others.



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  1. Peter Duncan says:

    Hi Keith,
    The article is good, but it seems a little light on the informatics / data mining part.
    In other words, there is more to digital pathology than scanning and looking at images on the computer screen. There is so much information that can be leveraged within tissue samples that can be extracted with image anlaysis (e.g., Definiens) In fact, this may be where the real value lies – not in the production of the image itself, but the content found within.
    What do you think?

  2. Raj Sundar says:

    The article also misses out on consultations and outreach. For low population areas especially outreach is possible only with digital pathology.Seems like these are critical aspects that might drive overall adoption.