Be There Anywhere (TM) HD TelePathology

| February 22, 2011


Now clinicians can receive real-time high definition video through ordinary internet connections and without the need for special software.

Forget about the limitations and cost burdens associated with conventional telepathology systems.Traditional products typically include special hardware at each end, limit users to specific point-to-point communication processing, and require client software downloads. Be There Anywhere™ eliminates these complexities, requiring only the compact iMedHD™ package and Internet connectivity. This highly secure offering, with video capture capabilities, is the ideal solution for real time Internet sharing and collaboration of true live high definition images.

  • Enables medical clinicians to use live 1080p HD imaging.
  • All that is needed is any PC or MAC web browser and a broadband Internet connection.
  • No need for special hardware or software.
  • Incredibly intuitive and easy to use, even for first-time users – no user manual is necessary.
  • Multiple clinicians can easily communicate – all participants have shared pointing and annotation abilities.
  • Optional webcam, Voice over IP, document presentation and desktop sharing capabilities.
  • Dynamic browser control for an excellent live HD viewing experience – all can easily adjust image display.
  • Allows immediate informed diagnoses and decision-making when time is of the essence.
  • With RMT’s new phone-home capability the solution can be easily moved to any location for flexible use and provides significant cost benefits.

For more information, or an online demonstration, call Don Marchon at
1-888 988-8439 •



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  1. infopathic says:

    Seems like this might offer a real $ advantage over traditional configurations for telepathology. Would love to see comments from those with any experience or insight into this product!

  2. Gretl says:

    I read about Campus Medicus which is able to show real time microscope images through the internet. Is that possible with “Be there anywhere” also?