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| March 15, 2011

Transforming Pathology

AccelPath has developed a proprietary workflow system to quickly provide high quality, sub-specialized pathology interpretations to referring physicians and laboratories.

Simple steps to state-of-the-art pathology operations:

  • AccelPath installs advanced slide scanners at the customer facility.
  • Slides are scanned locally.
  • Our proprietary workflow creates a digital case and transmits a requisition and images to the most appropriate pathologist based on specialization, credentials and workload.
  • The pathologist performs the interpretation of the digital images and an electronic report is transmitted to the customer, typically within 48 hours.


  • Images and reports are stored on Accelpath's servers offering a redundant solution to local storage capabilities.
  • AccelPath's proprietary workflow and network is completely HIPAA compliant.
  • Implementation is easy with the help of our experienced team.
  • Customers start to realize the advantages of AccelPath services immediately. 


Our Services, Your Success

AccelPath has invested in top talent and frontline technology to create innovative services designed to

enhance pathology operations. 

Diagnostic Services

  • Primary interpretations
  • Sub-specialty consultations
  • Expert opinions or second opinions

Technical Services

AccelPath's customers receive:

  • State-of-the-art digital scanners and full maintenance
  • Training for lab technicians on easy-to-use digital scanning equipment and Accelpath's workflow software
  • Multiple pathology report delivery options: secure email, fax and online portal
  • 24/7 access to all reports, requisitions and images via HIPPA compliant security

Value-Added Services

We provide value added services at affordable rates, including:

  • Operations consultation including customized financial data analysis and 
    feasibility studies
  • Billing and procedure coding
  • Expert assistance with laboratory design and installation
  • Standard Operating Procedure templates

Fast, sub-specialized reporting is the result of our ability to digitally route pathology images to the best pathologists irrespective of their location. This means customers receive reports and the information they need to promptly meet the needs of their patients. 

Through our unique workflow, we help ensure optimal efficiency, which in turn creates departmental savings.

Finally, we can help practices add to the bottom line if there is interest in building an on site pathology laboratory.

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  1. Kenneth Youens says:

    Seems like a natural fit for a clinician laboratory insourcing. , , ,

  2. Julie Duquette MD says:

    I am wondering how Accelpath handles the (1) medical and laboratory licensing issues across state lines (remote pathologist/laboratory performing the primary diagnosis must be licensed in the state in which the patient resides)(2) Ban against Corporate Practice of Medicine laws–ie. non-physician Corporate entities in many states (eg California) cannot practice medicine (pathology) nor collect physicians'(pathologists’) fees.