Definiens and Cernostics Partner to Develop Multiplexed Cancer Diagnostic Tests

| April 6, 2011
Definiens continues to demonstrate why their image analysis technology continues to meet increasing challenges and levels of sophistication.  Increasingly the road to the accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatments and potential cures for cancer are paved with image analysis applications that meet the challenges with increasingly complex data sets and Definiens continues to set themselves apart.
Multi-color fluorescence slides analyzed by Definiens Tissue Studio to provide clinicians with more complete understanding of disease state

MUNICH and DANVILLE, Pa., April 6, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Definiens, the number one Health Image Intelligence™ company, and Cernostics, a life sciences firm specializing in advanced cancer diagnostics, today announced a partnership to develop a unique multiplexed assay tool for the diagnosis of cancer. Cernostics will apply Definiens' image analysis technology to develop new molecular diagnostic tests for the treatment of a variety of cancer types.

Cernostics is using Definiens Tissue Studio™ to develop its cancer diagnostic test, which relies on highly multiplexed panels of fluorescence biomarkers, with the final goal to deploy the solution in the clinical routine. Definiens Tissue Studio enables pathologists to analyze cancers on the cellular and sub-cellular level. Rapid and accurate quantification of cancer characteristics will provide the Cernostics research team with data on which to build and deploy cancer diagnostic tests.

Unlike some approaches that rely on single-biomarker expression, Cernostics takes a systems approach to tumor analysis, evaluating immune, stromal, stem cell and tumor biomarkers on a single slide while preserving tissue structure. This can help clinicians better understand disease subtypes and help them choose the course of treatment most suited to each patient's disease state.

"The partnership between Definiens and Cernostics will apply powerful technology to the field of oncology diagnostics," said Thomas Heydler, CEO of Definiens. "Definiens Tissue Studio is uniquely able to evaluate multiple channels from a single sample, providing accurate data to support clinical decisions and help clinicians apply the best treatment for each patient."

"The collaboration with Definiens will enable Cernostics to accelerate development of its pipeline of systems biology-based diagnostic, prognostic and predictive tests. Cernostics is in a unique position to provide unsurpassed solutions for tissue analysis and cancer diagnosis and the well validated Definiens software is a key component for extracting precise image measurements," said Michael Hoerres, CEO of Cernostics.

To support its development of oncology diagnostic technology, Cernostics is working closely with Geisinger Health System, a $2.3 billion integrated health services organization based in Pennsylvania. Supported by Geisinger, Cernostics gains access to a clinical setting on which to create and validate pathology solutions, including a large tumor bank linked to well-annotated, deep and longitudinal clinical information.

About Definiens 

Definiens is a leading Health Image Intelligence™ company that develops software solutions for biomedical image analysis, data mining and clinical decision support. The company's software analyzes images from cell-based assays, whole tissue slides and full body scans and allows users to correlate this information with data derived from other sources, supporting better decisions in research, diagnostics and therapy. By automating analysis workflows and generating new knowledge, Definiens provides pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, research institutions, clinical service organizations and medical professionals with deeper insights, faster results and better decision support. Harnessing the power of image intelligence, Definiens supports personalized medicine and aims to significantly improve the quality of patients' lives.

Definiens is headquartered in Munich, Germany, and has offices throughout the United States. Further information is available at

Definiens – from images to clinical decisions.

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About Cernostics Inc.

Cernostics is integrating quantitative pathology, advanced informatics and electronic medical record (EMR) management to create clinically-driven pathology solutions to improve individualized patient care. Cernostics focuses on TissueCipher Pathology (TCP™), a proprietary approach to integrating digital imaging pathology, highly multiplexed panels of fluorescence biomarkers, informatics and EMR systems for faster, better, less expensive pathology testing and improved individualized patient treatments.

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