Webinar from Aperio: An Integrated Digital Pathology Workflow for Digital Scanning, Image Management, and Image Analysis

| June 24, 2011

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

8:00 am Pacific Time, 11:00 am Eastern Time
(4:00 pm London GMT / 10:00 am Mexico City Standard Time) 


Dr. Florian Leiss, Definiens Trainer and Marketing Specialist
Priya Vaidyanathan, Ph.D, Image Analysis Specialist, Aperio

In this 60-minute complimentary webinar, you will learn about the new solutions available as a result of the partnership between Aperio and Definiens. 

Topics include:

  • Integrating image aquisition, management, and analysis workflow 
  • Spectrum database management software for managing digital slides
  • Live demo of Definiens' Tissue Studio for Her2 analysis in breast cancel tissue sections

To register for the 8 am EDT session, click here.https://aperio.webex.com/aperio/onstage/g.php?d=768950587&t=a

You may also register by visiting the Aperio Events page.

You will receive a confirmation email upon registration with a web link that will lead you to the online event. Simply visit the link at the assigned time. The session is secure and easy to access. If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact the Aperio Events Team at events@aperio.com or 760.539.1192. 


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